11 mistakes to avoid, budget planning

accumulated Whether you live paycheck to paycheck or a surplus of savings, learn to budget your money - and maintain a budget planner present - is essential for managing the money clean.
There is no one right way to organize your budget. Some people like the income and expenditure on paper, you note, others keep the budget spreadsheet and other people claiming to use the best free online Budget Planner most of the work for you. It is not really matter how your personal budget, a procedure which makes sense to you and keep you to select a regular basis.
To ensure that your budget, what it should be sure to avoid the budget of the 11 planning mistakes:

1. Keep a budget planner.
If you have the prospect of a Budget Planner and you never write out your income and expenses, how do you know the state of your finances? How can you be sure you do not spend more than you do? If you manage your money manage you - in the form of debt, interest costs, bad credit and other unpleasant consequences.

2. Thinking short term.
A monthly budget excellent starting point, but it is difficult to account for less than the standard fee that way. Think ahead at least a year and the budget for non-recurring items and other events - such as holidays and commemoration - if not will have to finance one large event or to cancel the purchase.

3. Be realistic.
If corresponds to never truly budget planner, what is the point to keep? The revenue budget ideal real team title and expenditure patterns, and allows you planning for the future. If your estimates are even larger, but the future for financial assumptions have one. To help this to be true, to estimate what your expenses are fixed for next month. Then track your actual spending and compare it to the end of this month, the estimates with actual figures. This way you will learn how to use your money really give you a better assessment of the future.

4. Less than you earn.
May seem like the obvious mistake to avoid debt but the consumer reach $ 2450000000000 end of 2009, after the Federal Reserve, it can not clearly enough. A budget will maintain ongoing personal help you track what comes and what goes in - and be sure that the first number higher than the second.

5. Save enough.
The should not be an afterthought savings, it must be different than everything budgeting. The traditional idea that they are saving 10 percent of your income. Whatever number you choose, add it to your budget planner and adhere to. Set up direct deposit your check in a savings account, if possible, to do it automatically.

6. Failure to provide for day energy emergency.
Apart from your savings, you should budget for a day of energy emergency - an emergency where you can not prepare necessary as unexpected medical costs to repair the house or car, or job loss. As for savings in general, should place the funds in your budget planners, instead of shooting everything that could end more than a month remaining.

7. Complex to run the household.
If you are nerd, reflects the incredible budget worksheet, favorite Bravo! But if you as most people, for budget planning for the team and should be too detailed to guide the task of the budget. Each person needs different levels of data, and find your own and stay here. If you are a beginner, start with high-level budget and details more than you need.

8. allowed to check your account balance to go low.
If you are close to $ 0 in your checking account - Senior or bank account - you Flirt costs needed and frustration. Own budget for this situation, adding a new zero. If you avoid prospect of interest - about $ 100 - the new absolute minimum, you will lose money. You also have a network available, if you ever forget the budget situation.

9. Based solely on account statements and credit card information to the right things.
Not correct to assume that your bank statement or credit card billing to 100 per cent. Many banks and creditors mistakes and if you do not at least occasionally check the receipts, you can waste your money hard earned.

10. Not adjust your budget planner.
Your personal financial situation bound to change. Update your personal budget with new sources of revenue and new spending, and make sure you adjust your budget, your spending habits to adjust. Keep archives for budgeting is a good idea to also look back because you determine at consumer behavior and what you need to be able to make adjustments.

11. Without counting interest.
The negligence of interest on credit cards and loans into your budget planner resulting budget deficit is likely, especially when you pay heavy amounts for each month. You do not get the right amount is enough interest in your family, but it is better to estimate better. Estimated interest you will see really how much you pay to borrow money from creditors and lenders, and make sure you set aside enough money to set out to cover these payments.

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