How do you stop your creditors cold

Wipe Out Your Debt
If you are afraid to answer the phone because you have called your creditors every night, and you
that one of them paying to call your boss and tell him you're a failure, and only try to
Your bills leaves you almost nothing for food - it's time you thought about bankruptcy.
With a small amount of money that a lawyer (and even, it is not necessary a long time), and attention
Assessment of your property (what you own) and your liabilities (what you owe), you can also create a new
Start with the help of state and federal bankruptcy laws. But not in this haste without care
Determine who is the best way for you, because there are several ways to stop your creditors
cold, and choosing the wrong direction, you can lose more than you otherwise

Straight bankruptcy usually costs less and is fast
If you have very few assets and many debts and not enough income to pay the debt, including
Advanced Plan (more on that later), then you are probably correct file bankruptcy. You
To produce the appropriate forms (or "lists") that you buy each office provides very good
Writing in your town, especially if in a neighborhood where law firms.
Bankruptcy is not a very complicated process, not to be afraid so. You need to know
which area you live for the Federal Court search the phone book (white pages) under the United States
Government - Courts, and locate the U.S. District Court in your city. Probably the court
responsible, but the check by telephone the court office and ask him what your home
Address. You need several "complete list" or list of creditors are unsecured creditors,
Creditors with security and the holders of unsecured claims without priority. You must specify all
Creditors, for anyone who is not listed, can still sue you and collect even after the bankruptcy. If you do not
whether a claim is backed up (supported by a related asset, like a refrigerator bought on an installment loan) or
unsecured (only on your personal appearance did not related assets) and ask the creditor. Include
Creditor in the name of a person for whom you co-signed a loan or a note, and who signed for the cooperation.

What do you do?
Would you like to be paid out in the cold without food, clothing and a house in accordance with your creditors to live?
Not at all - because most State bankruptcy laws allow some of your assets to "liberate" used in
to pay your creditors. You, the specific laws of your state, but mostly, the house where you live,
the tools of the trade, your own clothes (within reason) and some special host-based
Furniture are all far away from you. In fact, in this absurd world in which we live, many states
Now you can keep your TV, because apparently believe it is a necessity for life.

Where to file
Fill out all forms and notarized, bring them to the office of the District Court of the United States
Your district, and $ 50. You do not need to inform your creditors - the writer that, although
remember that now that you brought bankruptcy papers, you can not press any other
Money, but can come to your hearing.
Usually your creditors do not report, because if you declare bankruptcy, you have very little
nonexempt assets left over that are interested in does not matter how your assets are not exempt, have (if applicable)
must be sold under the supervision of the court. Any amount is realized, no money to have that you
had at the time that you submitted (if applicable) and total (could be, and often as low as $ 50 or
$ 750 will be appointed by the Trustee of your hearing divided and your creditors are paid pro rata
(Proportional) basis for the amount that you owe them. If your assets add up to an amount which, for example,
only allows each creditor 3 1 / 2 cents for every dollar of debt you owe them, while 3 1 / 2 cents is all
it receives.
About three months after you passed, you are considered as "failed" and you can resume
Rent, pay bills and take a new loan. Caution, however, talk to your old credit
this time. You can offer the help of a new loan, and sign imagine
"Reaffirmation" of the old debt. Read everything you sign very carefully, and not to repay debt
You have already paid through your bankruptcy.

Legal complications
There are people who really should have a lawyer to help them through their bankruptcies,
particularly those assets such as real estate they want to somehow keep. In addition to real
Well, if you had been brought by a creditor of the fraud, you should also a lawyer handle your
Cases. If you decide you do not need a lawyer to handle your bankruptcy, you are responsible for filling
all forms accurately and completely, and just as carefully as if they had a lawyer.
Apart from the address of a creditor of a timetable or a loan to forget that you signed the cooperation sue
against you, even after bankruptcy. So be careful, and if you find the process of insolvency, is also
complicated, see a lawyer.

Keep your assets in place
If you have fallen behind in paying your bills, but you do not want to bankrupt you go right, you can
If you want to clean your financial mess rather of Chapter XIII of the federal law on bankruptcy. Also
known as the Employee Plan, Chapter XIII of the Bankruptcy is right in the two main
Possibilities: You must pay the full amount of your debts (not 10 cents on the dollar here), and in 3 years
Time, but the good thing is that you are not logged in "bankrupt", so you never know that you need a debt relief
within the Federal Republic of bankruptcy laws.
The great advantage of the Plan of employees who are not permanently recorded in addition to your credit
Record is that you keep all your property, such as free and not free (assuming you still have
left). This is very important if you, for example, a good car, or pay expensive budget
Furniture or a boat or other valuables, you want to keep. Under Chapter XIII, you know your
short-term debt "extended" to three years, which could result in lower total monthly payments
You actually pay, and as long as you pay your debts, in accordance with the agreement of files
with the Court, from month to month, no creditor will be able to pursue, to try to your benefit your
Assets and the strength of its public sale at disadvantageous prices.
Even if they started to sue you if you file for relief under the Bankruptcy Act or under
Chapter XIII or Chapter XI bankruptcy voluntarily, they can not touch you. You
to get immediately be reduced, what the referee or trustee them and only
concluded after trial. Often, if a creditor threatens to sue you, most
Effective, what can be done to stop it (apart from the payment of indebtedness) to tell him frankly that if he complains,
They have no other choice but to declare bankruptcy. This is often your loan lender
Negotiations on the debt, and possibly the debts by the payment to satisfy back, but over a longer period
Time (with smaller monthly payments) that you originally committed. Creditors know that if
You file a bankruptcy, the chance to pay its debt in full on their overdue accounts is very low, it
in their interest to try to ease your burden of credit at least for a while.

Make it as "judgment-proof"
If a creditor goes ahead and accuses her and receive a decree against you, it may then obtain a court order
Management of the Sheriff to seize your personal property, sell it and pay the creditor the amount of your debt.
However, if you have anything of value, there is nothing for the sheriff to seize, and you are what you
generally considered the evidence "trial" or may be in other words, to pay the debt. Because they know
This is probably the debtors of the street smart, often hide their possessions, or move of the state,
before the sheriff (or marshal) arrives. It is of course illegal. next step of the creditors tried to
"Decorating" your salary, which he did by a court order required the employer set aside part
paid your salary each pay period and turn the amount over him. However, it can do so only if
he knows or can know where you work. But even if your salary is garnished, there are limits
What can a creditor. The laws vary from state to state. In some countries, the wages are generally attached
while others only small amounts of the attachment.

Can you cut back on any of these issues?

Try to cut each "variable" category in your budget. Here are some useful ideas.
Cable TV. Most of us spend too much money for our cable service. Or, cancel, some (or all) of your premium channels 
like HBO, STARZ SHOTIME or cancel or, better yet, cable TV all together. The most expensive plan costs only $ 16.99 per month, Netflix (which gives you three DVDs at a time and for free streaming on your TV). You need one unit (one $ 99 fee), get streaming video, but it will probably still save money. Or you can watch on your Mac or PC. Better still, most television programs online. Almost all the major networks have all the episodes online. These are offered free with less advertising! If you live near a video store like Blockbuster and ask them what they have occupied. They will also send free DVD, $ 17.99 for three movies at once, can the more you spend in the shop. They also have a player on demand, such as Netflix.

Tip: You feel like you can not live without your demand? Make a list of shows you watch regularly and see if you can for free online. Try all the major networks and Web sites on Google search for your favorite shows. If you find them all, then you have nothing to fear: the search and Netflix or Blockbuster to rent DVDs at your favorite shows.
Phone service. Can we really need a longer sentences? If you have a cell phone is something you probably can terminate without ever notice that he's gone. Cut your mobile as SMS and Internet Tools. You can always pre-paid.
Internet. Use your computer, especially at home or at work? If you answered then perhaps you are working do not need super high-speed Internet connection. Try to go to DSL and save money.
Accessions. Membership How are you? Gym? Dating Service? Costco? How many of these you actually use? If you do not cancel. Simple.
Food. Bringing your lunch to work saves you a lot of money. When I went to bring my lunch I saved an average of 6 per day. It is $ 30 per week and $ 1560 per year! Eat at home more and save a lot of money, and, most likely, about healthy nutrition.
Coffee. Sorry, Star Bucks, but you will certainly cut to the list. There is no reason for the expenditure of $ 4 can do for a coffee at home for 20 cents. Of course, that white chocolate mocha is a festival of Nice from time to time, but make sure it is only from time to time. You'll be surprised how much you can save on all cutting coffee!
Beauty treatments. I hope that you do not live in the 80s and go to a tanning salon. Besides the risk of skin cancer, it adds up. You can get the same effect (and, of course) by buying a bottle of sunless Tanner 6 million to the pharmacy. Love your nails done? Buy a bottle of nail polish good (such as OPI) and do it yourself or, alternately giving and receiving manicure with a friend.
Books. Reduce expenses in the Amazon and knocked instead of your local library. Most libraries you can browse their selection online and order in this way. Everything you need to do is to take the books and put them back. If you read a lot that can translate into mega-savings. Read free and DVDs in the library.
Trade what you do not for the want to do. We all have things we no longer use, you can now use the Internet to trade what you want. Even if you for shipping it is still much cheaper than paying for new books or CDs to pay.
You can also and Craigslist for free stuff or cheap.
Cut coupons. You'll be surprised how much money you can save by a few minutes each week to clip coupons. When shopping, make sure the purchase perishable goods to many. Leave nothing to waste.
Clothing. If you really need something online search for new profit margin before going shopping and not buying impulse. Here you will find unique pieces in the local thrift stores. Or, again part clothing swap with your friends.

Builds good money management / credit protects property

You should consider how to build credit with good skills in money management today. Your first step is to create a record of spending and the use of a strict budget that can hold. The bankruptcy and debt consolidation may result in additional costs for an already bad situation. You need more costs, interest and repayment deal, which may not be sufficient to satisfy your creditors. This can be stressful and frightening.
The best way is to start to save money. There are several ways to do this. First, try software for accounting and budgeting that can save you purchase. It may seem just one more extra work, but the cost will be beneficial to the end. Part of this process is to track expenses and integrate them into a monthly budget. The software helps you to help the task easier, but if you prefer, you can create a table manually with paper and pencil.
Then, the label of your table with the title of the Daily (or weekly) spending - in the week of ________. Make sure that the list of all your needs, spending, savings, income, taxes, bank fees, food, rent, etc. Each week, if the payment of the bills are due, you can save as much as their first, leaving to spend a minimum of money for most of next week. For example, if your phone bill is $ 114, your electricity bill is $ 59, $ 180 and your cell bill and pay only $ 300 then it is obvious that you do not cover enough on the subject. It is now time, non-essential elements of swing. Do you really need two phones?
Do not forget to go to the movies, the budget for the rental, but unfortunately you can easily happen that week. Listen to radio or watch t.v.
Try to develop a table that includes your estimated monthly payments and subsistence costs. List your gross income, pensions, bonuses, allowances, pensions and other deductions. Then this report can be saved and used to repay your debts. Sorry, you must reduce your food, medicines, personal, pets, holidays, and the cost of the gifts. Are there any assets that you do not really need? Do you need that second car? Why not sell and clear debts of more?
These few simple tips, with good behavior will help you to reduce gradually debt, repair your credit score and satisfaction, and help restore credit. You might want to think about looking for a better paid job if your current offers to pay a little. In fact, while saving on another part-time jobs to your regular work more money. Always remember there is always a way to rebuild your credit and repair the damage.

10 Warning Signal

On the basis of information from the American Bankers Association, here are 10 warning signs that will help you determine whether you are for the financial difficulties, the top. If two of them apply to you, it's time, attention, to pay for your budget. If three or four calls, you may be faced with difficulties. And if five or more apply, you are already in difficulty and the need to take immediate remedial measures.

  • With credit to a lot of things you used to buy with money buy.
  •  Loans to consolidate debts or to extend existing loan request.
  •  Declining balance checkbook months, even if your standard of living remained about the same.
  •  Only pay the minimum amount due on the free accounts.
  •  Received several communications from your creditors.
  •  Dipping into savings to pay bills that you pay your salary.
  •  Borrowing against your life insurance with little chance that you'll be able to repay.
  •  Depending on income support, such as overtime and dividends, to get through the month.
  • The use of your account "discovered" to pay regular monthly bills.
  •  Juggling to pay rent or mortgage money on the other creditors.

Teaching Kids About Money

Even if your children are small - 3 to 6 years old - you can start teaching them about money. Bring your children, when you go shopping. Explain why you buy what you do. Show them to get the most for their money to buy the best quality at affordable prices.
In the case of children under school age - from 4 to 5 years to start - to teach them how to count money. Teaching the importance of giving and taking the appropriate change. As you grow your children, they may have to buy money and other things have been exposed. The time has come to reflect an allowance.
It is important to consult with your kids and let them help you determine their pocket money with you. This will help teach the basics of budgeting. An important factor in the provision of an allowance should be consistent. Finally, some adults would like to have an irregular income.
A regular allowance account attempts to children for their parents for money or gifts to manipulate. In addition, tend children, the benefit will be more awareness of the value of money. Discuss the advantages of a savings account. Help your children plan financial targets, perhaps a bicycle, a stereo, a vacation or a college.
Finally, the whole family include in the budgeting process of the budget. This helps the children learn budgeting, and give them a clear picture of the financial situation of their family.
Take the example of someone we shall call David. He met with a graphical tool to impress upon their children the value of money and the wisdom of budgeting and saving. His income was undermined by high energy bills, because his children left permanently disabled light illuminated. His children were quite young, but his simple method could be adapted for older children and young people themselves.
David gathered his children around the kitchen table one evening. On the table, piles of many coins. Each cell has been selected to various household expenses - mortgage, food, heating, electricity, clothing, entertainment, etc. He stated that the batteries were coin from the money he brought with him concerning his work and the batteries where the money every month went.
"Every pay the bills that we have," he said. "If any of the accounts of more than we expected, we have to get some money from another area to pay for." The children nodded, his eyes keep on the coins. She understood his reasoning.
"Most of the things we like to do is go out and have fun, right?" He asked. "Yes," replied his son. "We want to buy ice cream!" "And we love to go to the movies," said his daughter.
"Right," agreed David. "But this month our electric bill is higher than expected, because we leave the lights in the house if we do not need." Your children could see what would happen. "So David continued," we must take the money elsewhere to pay the electricity bill. The only place where we extra money in our entertainment stack. "
David pulled one at a time, the battery of entertainment to the pile, there was no entertainment in the battery is present. "Well," said David. may "Our budget for this month is balanced. Maybe next month we will have enough money to go out and have fun, 'he said hopefully. Your kids can say it was on their side and was just sad, as they were.
After the family reunion was over, the children immediately ran around the house, turn off the light. Electricity bill was Jean and her children have learned an important lesson.

Women and Financial Management

Women are at various activities such as making house-addicted, care for children and spouses, elderly care, etc. Women often have a great change in the results of their lives when they take to career interruptions for reasons such as moves by marriage, parenting or certain conditions of the family.
Support for the above factors need women a holistic financial plan for the good of the time lost in their career making breaks. If a woman is authorized, it should not need anyone to tell you how they live their lives, or will the money.
Here are some tips for managing money, the women are helping to eat better, their finances:
·         Be aware of your own money: Online with balancing your own checkbook, we also understand that you do not need to replace the function of managing money to someone else. Regardless of others, you have to do it myself say. You can make money. Trust in this regard.

·         Except for you first: We hear often neglected by women who have abandoned and betrayed by this money n their care. Women should start taking care first. This includes saving for your retirement rather than to sponsor your partner or children's education. Of course the family is important, but if you are.

·         Not to be underestimated: It means that you value things like your career, status in the community or family. If a housewife, and then develop a reward for this structure. Do you understand that you have value as a person and worker. If for yourself, keep working in the head, take care of the value of the services you offer your customers.

·         Learn more about your financial situation: not embarrassed if you feel no experience in investments, managing cash or bond funds. There is no inherent brilliant talents called upon to work on it. Do not allow investment brokers or talk about personal finance experts to you. Try always happens with people, explain in simple language, and this is just a lot.

·         Protect your assets: Keep your assets to your name. Protect them when and if required by contract. Not careless with your belongings when you start a business, and especially if you have a partner or terminating the relationship with our partner.

Solve your credit problems

If you are a consumer in the world in one of the richest countries, there is a good chance that you have accumulated a debt of credit. Buying on credit can be a practice if it is handled with care. But it also has a financial headache, especially if you are behind on your payments.

Take a few minutes to examine the short article entitled "10 signs of the warnings." If you find that you are responsible for advice on financial problems, not fear. There are steps you can ease your financial burden.

You can do it yourself?

You can solve your debt by managing your finances better. Whether you are in debt and still make monthly payments on all your commitments, you should ask for further assistance.

Talk to your creditors

Many creditors are more than willing to help you restructure your payments on debt, because it is in their interest to get back on its feet financially. Make sure you talk to your local banker. Bankers realize that even people with good credit loans can be a problem. Your bank can offer a range of solutions at a difficult time to help.

Please visit

You can also contact a financial counseling for help. Some unions, universities, county extension agents, military, credit and housing authorities such programs and invite you little or nothing for their assistance.

If you are in the United States, a visit can live with a counselor at nonprofit Consumer Credit Counseling Service can be useful. Trained advisers will seek a payment plan acceptable to you and your creditors and help you adjust to formulate a realistic budget.

For more information on how to contact an office near you, see below. Consulting services in several other countries are also listed.

What is bankruptcy?

If you have debt, you may think that bankruptcy is a simple solution. But it really is not. According to the American Bankers Association (ABA), bankruptcy can stay on your credit record for up to 10 years. If you go bankrupt, you will find it difficult to access any type of credit or get credit - whether for a house, car or other purchases.

In addition, bankruptcy does not automatically erase all debt. There are obligations, you can still responsible for payment. So, after the ABA, it is in your best interest to resolve your debt problems in a way other than declaring bankruptcy.

Where to find help

Many nonprofit organizations offer financial advice or economical.

Australia: Australia different: local welfare and church agencies such as Life Line offers budgeting advice and support. Check your telephone directory for an agency in your area.

Canada: Canada: Write or call the Credit Counselling Service, 27 Carlton Street, Suite 301, Toronto, Ontario M5B 1L2, (416) 593-7434.

Philippines and South Africa, the Philippines and see in South Africa: Contact your local government or a bank, whether it's financial advisory services to the public.

Britain and New Zealand United Kingdom and New Zealand: The Citizens Advice Bureau provides advice and financial resources. Contact information for the directory or contact your local phone book for the number of offices in your area.

United States: United States Consumer Credit Counseling Service offers financial advice and credit. Check your telephone directory or contact the National Endowment for Consumer Credit, Inc., 8611 2nd Ave., Suite 100, Silver Spring, MD 20910 1-800-388-2227 or (301) 589-5600.

Malaysia: "Agensi Kaunseling Dan Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK)" provides financial education, financial counseling and debt management.

Reliable information from Bad Credit Card

Compare credit card offers Secured credit card application Bad

With credit card companies and banks near the money is ready, it can be difficult to get a credit card. This is especially true for someone who has no credit, adverse credit or bad credit. A popular alternative if you try to get a credit card to obtain a secured credit card. The credit card has been designed to allow the borrower to establish or repair their credit responsibly with credit cards. Here, to know how to look at the credit card information to a potential borrower should provide.

Secure Information Credit

Secured credit card works is that after the approval of the Borrower deposit cash into an account held by the Bank Credit Card Company. This amount is usually small, somewhere between $ 300 and $ 500 dollars. The borrower is then a credit card for this amount, an amount slightly higher than the deposit paid.

A cash deposit to earn interest?

Yes, because the borrower deposited the money into a type of savings account, earning interest on the money. Shop around for the best rates, but it should be noted that the rate will probably be similar to obtain the interest rates on savings from other accounts.

Reliable information on fees connected

Because the borrower is considered higher risk than other borrowers may be able to an unsecured credit card can be taken will be brought to the extra costs of obtaining and maintaining credit in it. These costs include, without limitation, fees, monthly fees and even fees. Shop around for credit cards best attempt to limit the amount of taxes saved.

Care insurance on a credit card guarantee

Because many people with the high costs associated with obtaining a credit card deposit, some lenders have changed the way their card. Instead of implementation, maintenance and usage charges imposed security charges. The tax replaces in essence, these taxes are paid monthly.

Five steps to financial security

If you're like most people, they have enough money for decent and secure life is one of your main problems. People with fixed incomes may relate in particular to creeping inflation, rising costs for goods and services. The threat of unemployment or job loss (or non) causes nervousness.

Maybe you're a single mother with several children and a greater risk of falling below the poverty line. What will you do to improve your financial situation? Or you are deep in debt. How will your payments and debt free?

reasonable prosperity is something we all like to achieve and maintain will be. But in many countries, people almost insurmountable financial difficulties. Things that most people in developed countries take for granted - cars, electronic gadgets, savings accounts, appropriate clothing and furniture - out of reach for most of the human race.

Many developing countries are facing an incredible poverty, almost galloping inflation, unpayable debt, unemployment and unemployment level. People in the country in terms of basic survival thinking instead of financial wealth.

To some extent, by reading this book, they are on the shoulders of those who live in rich countries have the opportunity to try to improve its financial position.

Yes, then look five financial principles that one person can help you financially secure.

1) The amounts of the budget reasonable

An important point to remember: Make the most of the money they deserve now. To spend money effectively the same as his salary increases. How is "the ratio of money management? Consultant financial well-known family wrote:" manage your money is probably the most important thing you can do today. "

We can learn to be servants of money, but may still end up being poor. We must be prudent to spend money. Studies show that even people who earn large salaries are still being felt in financial difficulty. It seems that the needs of many people and desired expenditure exceeds their income.

Sound money management taught basic financial principle: It is never enough money for everything you could need. We need to plan a reasonable cost.

A spending plan is like a roadmap. The budget allows us to achieve our goal of financial hurt. All companies and the government should have a plan and costs seek to follow. This plan management and efficient use of money in several ways. It helps:

Living in our way. Plans gives us more control over our financial resources. We can know immediately if anything, we want to buy available.

Achieve your personal goals. With a budget of expenditures, acquisitions, we can plan properly, accumulate debt, saving, saving for the future.

Spend money effectively. Retailers know that consumers purchased from the ring. Member of the shelves of supermarkets are often deployed to promote purchases. Plan expenditure allows us to avoid impulse purchases. We buy only what we had planned to buy and says things in our plan to make sure that we can.

A spending plan helps us ask the right questions about our money. Is it time to buy this product? If this is the cheapest way to buy it? We would rather have this product than anything else? Do we have money to buy it? Is it fit with our goals in life?

Plan expenditure allows us desire this pleasure in the long and short financial balance needs. Rather than buy now and pay later, we start thinking about saving to buy if you can afford.

If you do not know where the money is flowing, you can not get where it should go. A budget or spending plan should include three main areas:

Emergencies. We must set aside money every month for unforeseen circumstances such as cars and home repairs.

higher cost items. Do not buy new televisions that today. Money every month in a savings account. Buy TV for money - financially on your terms, without interest, and most appropriately, for example, if a quick sale. Do not buy new televisions that today. Money every month in a savings account. Buy TV for money - financially on your terms, without interest, and most appropriately, for example, if a quick sale.

Annual or periodic invoices. Put a little money each week, month or pay period for a future law, such as insurance or taxes. For example, if you pay an insurance bill every year, one twelfth of the amount set aside in savings each month.

2) Increase in income

A further step towards financial security to do with the need to increase our revenue. We have enough money and resources to make life what it should be, without threat to our intellectual, social and spiritual needs.

Most people have one hour wage or salary paid for the work of someone else. If you're in this situation to increase your chances of your income is unexpectedly large sum that is not very promising. You can receive automatic, but is a formula basis for small business or a union, management contract. In some cases, your company can offer integrated rising cost of living.

If there is a possibility of "going back" financially, must prove its utility. Learn more value to your boss or company. Aimed at supporting your organization earn more money, save money or improve their products or services. Earn increase.

What if you can not do better financially, even to work harder and smarter? You have two options. Do not move or change jobs or the company. I do not think leaving your current job, but a better and safer expected to understand.

Maybe work a little kind of monetary value. And have achieved the highest return possible. Can you educate yourself and improve the marketability of work?

Maybe you can make your own workplace by creating a small business. To succeed, you need your product or service and useful for consumers. Note however that the huge amount of documents to be independent.

In other words, be able to earn more, depends on the attitude of your service to others. It also means the best of his abilities and situation.

3) use credit cards wisely

Proper use of credit cards is very movement of goods and services more easily. Long-term loans at low interest rates for purchases such as houses or cars that otherwise would have helped if the accumulated savings of several years.

Another mechanism of credit, credit cards, is a great advantage for users who have been temporarily low on cash. It is likely large amounts of money, especially for long trips eliminated. And credit cards can even be necessary for some purchases. But buying on credit can be a curse as well as financially, especially if the person behind in payments.

Purchase of credit often creates the illusion of prosperity. come to the small size of the monthly payment, he at the end of the month, as well as lack of liquidity at the time of purchase is a luxury suddenly seems very close. These features persuade millions of families whose income is also to spend their wages before you receive it.

Once trapped in contributions, money that may be in a bank savings account. In fact, you pay premium to get something now than later.

If you typically use credit and thus, it can often be a costly decision. Many credit cards, revolving credit accounts and bank overdrafts automatically require minimum monthly charge interest on the amount due. He added, sometimes up to a whopping 18 percent annually.

Shopping in cash, on the other hand, can often save consumers more than the monthly interest. The person can sometimes be paid in cash to buy at a discount. Cash customers can also take advantage of seasonal sales. They are able to purchase more freely, where their money has more buying power. Buy those that are sometimes forced to credit when they instructed their bank accounts, even if the sale might happen next.

The average fund manager must first recognize that there are two types of household and personal expenses: needs and desires. It is important to know the difference. In modern society to acquire credit products such as car or house is considered necessary. Even those purchases, but can sometimes be delayed until more funds available to reduce financing costs.

On the other hand, the loan will be used rarely. Families often need to be difficulties in using too much credit, rather than what they actually need. While they can accumulate savings, they must make a purchase by political means, such as televisions, furniture, sporting goods or surplus, on a strictly cash. Here's why: cash savings or wishes of luxury remarkable effect on the monetary stability of a family member. If you save money, no doubt in my mind, if you can afford the product or indeed if you really want.

To use this approach must not be allowed to buy anything on credit until the accounts are paid in full. At least to limit credit purchases during the transition to an absolute minimum, so you get credit paid as soon as possible. So instead of immediately forcing additional payments by purchasing additional products to accumulate savings, you can start to buy these products for money.

Remember: The wise family can learn to live with the loans, but should never be forgotten!

4) Trim costs

We live in a "period of the desired" as a body called the Money Management. That is, we order our lives in faith and the need to continuously update personal needs. We accept this increase in our standard of living for granted. we spend our money on this assumption.

It may seem strange to say that we have a critical look at what they buy or use - and reduce costs. But this is exactly what we should do if we want to increase the value of our currency.

Some examples. Do you think that your magazine subscriptions from? Do you need the services of a gardener? Is it really necessary to have a new car? Why not buy a good used? New car payments and insurance is usually required is the ruin of many private households.

An important reason for the money do not buy what follows, we use many more services than ever before. Most services are heavily dependent on labor costs. If you carefully budget your money, we can use services that lead to the identification of additional costs. Then we can take appropriate measures to change consumer habits.

An example of an area where you may be able to reduce costs is to eat less. You might be surprised what some people spend more than a year eating in restaurants. Calculate the cost of a meal in a restaurant. Then consider how many times you do this week and multiplying the amount spent by 52. Find the annual cost of food can be very high.

5) investment for the future

To achieve their financial goals, we need only be planned tomorrow. But we also need to think carefully in future. If you plan for regular savings in our budget, we can build a nest egg over the years.

It is important to consider your goals in life as soon as possible. However, it is never too late to do so. Think about your long-term financial goals. Make this country and its cost savings plan. What about buying a house, the cost of raising children, and money for retirement?

Perhaps our turnover is not that great. Can we save at least a small part of the year? If we do, for a period of 30 years of money in a reasonable investment, we will be surprised how many have in recent years in our lives. Of this kind can rely on in retirement income, interest received on our investments.

So far we have discussed several issues of increasing revenue and cost reasonable. Now I want to go to the most important in managing their personal finances.